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The #1 choice for your omega-3 Supplement.

Omax3 is 93.9% concentrated omega-3 EPA / DHA

16x the omega-3 of Krill Oil, based on Mega Red Krill 300 mg

1000 mg, easy-swallow soft gels, for easy dosing

Unique, patented, ProResolv® Formula, 4:1 EPA to DHA


Omax3 is 100% sourced from Peruvian Anchovies and Sardines. Wild caught in sustainably-fished waters, provide the worlds best source of omega-3.

ProResolv®: optimal inflammation suppression

IL1-β and TNF-α are pro-inflammatory cytokines that drive the body’s inflammation process.
Omax3® provided inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines,IL1-β Inhibition (96%) and TNF-α Inhibition (84%).

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What people are saying about Omax3

As a physician, I see that processed foods are causing people to suffer a variety of medical conditions related to inflammation. My patients want to live long and productive lives. Daily intake of a pure and concentrated omega-3 fish oil provides the balance our bodies need to counteract the inflammation. Omega-3 products need to be pure because of the risks of contamination from our oceans. Concentration is key to getting a high dose of the active ingredients, DHA and EPA, which decrease inflammation and are good for the brain and eyes.
-Dr. Martin Hasenfeld | MD FAAPMR
I have had great success in my use of omax3 as it has allowed me to maintain my daily running schedule, which previously had become impossible. I take a number of different products for overall joint health, but the omax3 product has had an unmistakable dramatic impact. A few years back, I tried a lower quality omega-3 that I purchased at a drug store but it didn't have the same results. After returning to using omax3 the difference in muscle recovery and overall joint health was amazing.
-D. Melton | Omax3 User
I'm really impressed with omax3 product and am happy to offer a strong endorsement. The product works! I've had several surgeries on my knees and have dealt with ongoing inflammation. I've been on the product for about 3 months and its remarkable how much better I feel. It's improved my quality of life, I'm able to exercise regularly and play sports with my kids without having to go on the shelf for several days after.
-Rick G. | Pharmaceutical Industry Advertising Executive

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 Joseph Maroon is a paid endorser of Omax3.


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